What We Look For

If you have a drive to succeed, a desire to lead, a passion for service, and want to make great memories, you are exactly what we look for.  We look for individuals who are ready to challenge themselves, ready to make a change in their community, ready to grow personally and professionally, and ready to be a leader.  We look for individuals who desire to represent the meaning of our letters, Brotherhood, Culture and Tradition and to uphold our six pillars.

Since each chapter and colony is comprised of individuals, it is vital to introduce the idea of ‘the Beta Chi Gentleman’, and what standards he should hold himself to. If the Beta Chi Gentleman strives to achieve these standards of excellence, the Beta Chi Gentleman will benefit personally and professionally. In turn his chapter or colony will benefit as a whole.

The Four C’s

There are four characteristics, or qualities, that can generally describe the personality and subsequent behavior of the Beta Chi Gentleman. Throughout your experience in this organization you will be pushed and encouraged to strive towards these four standards. We truly believe these are the standards to which the Beta Chi Gentleman should hold himself to. They are outlined below.


Character can be defined as the personality traits that distinguish one from another; the stamp of disposition impressed upon an individual by nature, education, or habit. All individuals have a unique character. To be a Beta Chi Gentleman means to have a positive character, or display qualities of personality that are ethical and have the common good in mind. A Beta Chi Gentleman is respectful to everyone and everything, trustworthy, responsible, fair, and truly cares for what he believes. His character is loyal, self-less, brave, and unwavering.


Demonstrating class does not imply a socio-economic status or hierarchy in society. Rather in the context of the Beta Chi Gentleman, class can be defined as having respect for different cultures, traditions, and appreciating the uniqueness of others and their beliefs. It is to show a lack of ignorance, and a desire to learn from others. Demonstrating class is to demonstrate patience, show understanding, and have a worldly outlook on your life and others.


Conviction is a measure of how strongly one remains steadfast to his beliefs. It is one thing to determine what one’s beliefs are, but it is another to remain headstrong and truly demonstrate beliefs through behavior or action. The Beta Chi Gentleman will have strong conviction for his beliefs, but will not do so blindly and without reason. The Beta Chi Gentleman will demonstrate his convictions through action, but not in a manner that will harm or offend others with different beliefs. The pillars of Beta Chi Theta will be a set of core fraternal beliefs that the Beta Chi Gentleman will follow.


Charisma can be defined as the quality by which an individual uses his magnetic appeal to influence others. It is the trait that propels an individual from being an introvert to being an extrovert, and forms the basis for communicability with and influence of others. Beta Chi Theta is classified as a social fraternity, and as such, aims to educate its men in the art of being social. Having charisma is the essence of being social, and is a prerequisite to becoming an effective leader. The Beta Chi Gentleman will develop charisma as part of his arsenal of personality traits and will use it to bring about positive change in the world.
All four C’s compose some of the general traits and behaviors a Beta Chi Gentleman possesses. While brothers of Beta Chi Theta will never be individually judged on any of these characteristics, it is important to remind oneself of the importance of these qualities and their role in personal and professional development.

Membership in Beta Chi Theta will not be denied based on one’s race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin

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