The Six Pillars Society

Quick Overview

The Six Pillars Society is the name given to the group of alumni who financially support Beta Chi Theta. The Society is split into four tiers, each representing a minimum amount of support. Please go to for more information. Donations can be made there through Paypal (and for specific projects). Furthermore any alumnus is welcome to send us checks at our official address.

Why You Should Join

We hope that you agree joining Beta Chi Theta was one of the greatest decisions you've ever made. You hopefully have very fond memories of National Conventions and Brotherhood events. You learned a great deal about leadership through the opportunities this fraternity offered. You feel proud about the pillars this organization was built upon. And above all else, you cherish the brotherhood you've experienced.

All of these things would not have been possible without the efforts of the national organization and the many brothers who worked tirelessly to provide events and opportunities. By joining The Six Pillars Society, alumni can re-affirm their commitment to our goals: creating and maintaining a strong, close-knit brotherhood, honoring tradition, actively pursuing service to humanity, increasing South Asian awareness, promoting academic excellence, and building a unified nationwide network.

Your financial gifts will help National Board to launch and maintain programs to provide an ever-improving fraternal experience. (Details regarding our inaugural funds can be found on the donation website)

What You Can Expect

The National Board understands the great responsibility of such a program. The National Board has set up a system of accountability. Expect to get timely financial statements, prepared by the Vice President of Financial Affairs. Furthermore, you will receive reports detailing how your gifts have contributed to our organizations. And as an token of our appreciation, we have set up a tiered system, with each tier offering national recognition of your contributions and a unique gift.

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