Chapters and Colonies

Below you will find a list of all of our chapters and colonies. Confused as to the difference between a chapter and colony? When a group of men start Beta Chi Theta at their university, their organization is known as a colony. Once a colony has achieved certain standards of excellence, it can apply for chapter status to obtain specific privileges. So chapter or colony, they mean the same for all intents and purposes. The first chapter/colony is known as Alpha Chapter, the second one as Beta Chapter and so forth through the Greek alphabet.

We have set up the list for ease of use. Click on the dropdown menu and start entering your school's name. Click on your school's name or press enter while your school is highlight. A blue loading circle will show up to indicate your school is being loaded (takes about 1 second). Your school logo with chapter and contact info will be displayed. That's it!

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Omega Chapter
Location: Birmingham, AL
Founded: September 4th, 2011

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