About Beta Chi Theta

Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity, Inc. (BXΘ) is a national South Asian fraternity with chapters at more than 25 universities and 1,700+ members. (Click here to see where we’re located).

Our Pillars

The six founding pillars ("principals") which support and give purpose to Beta Chi Theta are:

  • Brotherhood
  • Tradition
  • Service to Humanity
  • South Asian Awareness
  • Academic Excellence
  • Unified Nationwide Network

Meaning of Letters

The Greek Letters "Beta", "Chi", and "Theta" stand for Brotherhood, Culture, and Tradition respectively.

Our Motto

"Above All Else, Brotherhood."

Mission Statement

"We, the brothers of Beta Chi Theta, in order to form a National fraternity based on leadership, cultural consciousness, and most importantly brotherhood, believe in the advancement of one’s self by way of community service, academic preeminence, and perpetual kinship."

Our Purpose

"The purpose of Beta Chi Theta, Inc. shall be to assemble college students in a fellowship of the founding principles of this fraternity, the most important being brotherhood."

National Philanthropy

Our National Philanthropy is Heart Disease Awareness, the promotion of which is done under the banner of Beating Heart Disease. (Click here to learn more about our National Philanthropy


Our official colors are black, silver and white.


Our mascot is the The Rampant Lion.


A high-resolution image of our crest can be downloaded here (PNG version with transparent background) or here (JPEG version with white background).


Members of Beta Chi Theta are males who adhere to the founding principles of this fraternity. Membership in Beta Chi Theta will not be denied based on one’s race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity is a non-hazing fraternity. All Undergraduate Chapters and Colonies must refrain from all activities that are defined as “hazing” by their respected university/college and/or State Law. No chapter, colony, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities.

The Fraternal and Information Programming Group (FIPG) defines hazing as:

"Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside of the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution or applicable state law."

Organizational Status

Beta Chi Theta enjoys 501(c)(7) status as classified by the Internal Revenue Service.  The organization is federal income tax exempt and non-profit.  Beta Chi Theta is incorporated in Texas, and headquarted in Indianapolis.  Beta Chi Theta is a member of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), and the National APIDA Panhellenic Association (NAPA).

Education Foundation

The Beta Chi Theta Foundation, established in 2015, was created to support the educational advancement for the members of Beta Chi Theta. The Foundation's goal is to provide scholarships (merit- and need-based) and funding for leadership development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate members of the Fraternity. The Foundation is incorporated in the State of Indiana and has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the IRS.

Our Address

Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity, Inc.
5868 E. 71st Street, Suite E-120
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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